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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  December 4, 2009 9:00am-10:59am EST

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men of christmas." also she has a new christmas album. she will be on the after the show show. gretchen: have a fabulous weekend, everyone. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: the jobs numbers, foxes on the job hunt for america today. we got the new official unemployment rate. a drop from the overall list we saw on friday. before you break out the champagne, we need to explain the fast proof behind the decline. business is just waking up today here in "america's newsroom." patti ann, good morning. patti ann: good to be here again. the good news with these numbers is that companies are not firing more people than they were a few months back.
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but they are still firing and not hiring. the reason the unemployment rate has gone down is because so many people have been out of work for so long they have stopped looking. bill: many will send to this news to support their view. in your view, what is your take on the economy? better, worse, stabilize the? >> it is a good news, bad news situation. in my view is good news, it is less of a job loss than many economists thought we would lose. but you just put your finger on one of the problems. one of the reasons that the unemployment rate fell as because so many americans have become so discouraged they are not even looking for work. it is a glass bowl or glass empty situation right now.
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bill: the real unemployment rate is said to be closer to 17% or above. who gives that figure? >> that is the figure of people that are unemployed or cannot find a full-time job. as i spoke to the workers, they said that the big problem was that they could not get enough work. and if you are trying to raise a family is hard to do that on 20 hours per week. the other thing in these numbers, we still had heavy losses in construction and manufacturing. much of the job creation was in the service sector, which is fine. bill: construction goes right to the housing index. in a matter of moments the president will be taking off for allentown, pennsylvania. what are the best ideas that you heard yesterday that you expect the white house to push for
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today? >> i have watched a lot of that. my invitation was lost in the mail. i think that the best ideas came from the small businesses. they said that if you really want to help us, do not pass the health care bill, cap and trade, do not pass new taxes on small businesses. one of the things the the president said was that he was going to pass the bill whether they wanted it or not. i think that the most important thing that we can do right now is not to put costs on small businesses. host: -- bill: what about tax cuts for new hires? >> i would support that. i think reducing taxes on small businesses in the short term is the best thing to do to get jobs created. but the main idea that came out of the union was to send another
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$500 billion on the stimulus bill, which did not work in the first place. bill: i appreciate that. the president spoke about winterizing homes across the country, saying it will create jobs and help the environment. how many? we have to wait and see. >> see you, bill. patti ann: the president ticked off what the white house is calling a main street tour to hear how americans are coping in the recession. the first stop is allentown, pennsylvania. president obama will be taking off -- picking up where he left off yesterday at the jobs forum. the president emphasized where job creation must ultimately come from. >> ultimately, the true economic recovery is only going to come
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from the private sector. we do not have enough public dollars to fill law whole of private dollars that were created as a consequence of the crisis. it is only when the private sector starts to reinvest, when businesses start spending and seeing improvement in their own lives that we are going to have the kind of economy that we want. patti ann: president obama is scheduled to speak this morning and we will bring you those comments live. john maynard is going to be speaking -- john boehner is going to be speaking on jobs, calling for a freeze on tax increases and regulations on businesses, they say that that is the best formula to create new jobs. the latest reports on which companies are hiring and where?
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click on the links at, from there you can find a brawl over a map showing you where our fox news reporters are covering the newest opportunities and challenges that people are facing. coming up in 20 minutes we are on the job hunt with a look at how some folks are finding green by selling christmas trees. bill: we are all over the country. meanwhile here in new york city, families of 9/11 victims held a rally in downtown manhattan. the man here escaped injury, but his wife was working -- in the north tower. 700 of her co-workers died that day. lauren survived, but spent months in icu. greg was at her bedside and he recounts their remarkable story in their new book.
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good morning to you both. why are you holding this rally? >> protesting the decision by eric holder to bring college-age muhammed and his defendants -- , -- muhammed -- collied shake muhammed to new york city. they have not spoken to the people about what they want or think. bill: one week ago they said they found out when we found out, but eric holder said that the court in manhattan had done this before. that he has seen the evidence and he is confident that they can get a conviction. why not believe him? >> these defendants were prepared to plead guilty 11 months ago. there is nothing more certain of conviction been a guilty plea. i think we are rolling the dice.
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he cannot say it absolutely, only that the possibility is there. bill: i know that you want to change his mind, but do you really think it can happen? >> tomorrow we are going to have a monster rally and a protest the decision. we need new yorkers to understand what the actual risks are and that this is a serious decision, response were taken. bill: i have read part of your story and we have pictures of your wife as well. he was swallowed by a wall of flame. what happened to her was absolutely stunning. the weighted you recounted her recovery is a story of love and redemption. share. >> it is also a survival story. my wife is incredibly tough. i have to say, i was not there that morning. that is why i was
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extraordinarily fortunate. between us we lost 700 colleagues. in her mind she had only had our son for 10 months. she refused to give up. she would not permit that terrorists to define her life. bill: that was nine years ago, what does this decision mean to her and the rest of your family? >> frankly, we think that this is outrageous, that these enemy combatants can launch an attack from the other side of the world can be brought here and given a trial, spouting the same arguments. bill: you know the the attorney general took that risk, and he is saying that he trusts the system. do you? >> i think that this is being
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done to improve the system. i think that the attorney general said that the military commissions are a traditional and fair means of justice and these defendants were prepared to plead guilty. they wanted to plead guilty to 11 months ago and the only reason they did not is because they're being brought to trial. bill: your son is now 9 years old. you recently had a second child. congratulations. how is your wife doing? >> serrie well. it has been a hard road. if you look at her process, instead of seven years to get over an injury, we are now at the point where we are looking forward. bill: my best to you and your family. good luck this weekend. patti ann: tawdry tabloid reports involving celebrities are nothing new.
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but tiger woods bellow what is his future as an american -- tiger woods? what is his future as an american role model?
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patti ann: three young girls are in a california hospital after an elderly man lost control of his suv and crashed into their school in san francisco. he was trying to park when he lost control of his vehicle. he jumped over a curb where many students were walking, dragging one child across the blacktop. the children are expected to survive. the crash remains under investigation. bill: we talked a lot this week about the relic -- revelations of a celebrity scandal. what about tiger woods? he is someone that most people would not have expected to be involved in a tawdry affair. that unfortunate reality as many americans thinking about the
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people that they look up to. by looking up to them do we set ourselves up for this appointment? -- disappointment? >> there was an auto accident. >> all cultures and all societies have needed, wanted, and created heroes. our culture has taken it to another level. >> there was a time when only such scandals happen in hollywood. and people took that for granted. there were stars and actors, but the rest of us did not live like they did. but that has not been true for a long time. >> andy warhol said that everyone would be famous for 15 minutes. what he should have added is that everyone will get
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demolished in the 15 minutes after that. >> whenever there's a big scandal there is inevitably the talk of the people that were let down. when stars fall, do they hurt anyone but themselves? >> the idea that people are upset, heard, for broken hearted that tiger woods is less than perfect is a little silly. i think that the emphasis is more towards the fact that he projects a certain image and they buy products because he projects that image. >> we should hold our political figures too much higher standards. >> i am not gay. >> i had an inappropriate investigation. >> i have responded consistently. >> america can survive tiger woods and kobe bryant. i do not think it we could survive that kind of systematic bad behavior in washington, d.c..
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>> a public official is not the same as a celebrity. they are famous, but for different reasons. they have put themselves in the position of being a role model, but also being someone that represents our country. you have an entire other level of obligation to the people that you represent to represent them in a way that they can be proud of. >> either way, can the tiger woods scandal be a teachable moment? >> teachable moment? no, i do not think that it is. and i think it would teach the wrong thing. >> only if you want to teach cynicism. [laughter] >> is a teachable moment, but we keep having them and no one seems to learn. >> sports seems to be about teaching children lessons.
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there is no winning without losing. as tiger woods has remind all of us, even heroes have feet of clay. >> we should all be better people, more noble citizens and better parents. but no one is perfect. bill: tiger woods' biggest sponsors have already signaled their confidence in him, they have all issued statements of support. there are various unconfirmed reports so far today suggesting that he is still actively negotiating with a woman who claimed a recent affair with tiger woods. patti ann: coming up, toll roads, highway maintenance or highway robbery? why are you paying tolls on roads that your taxes already cover?
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bill: we now hear from the head of the secret service on the infamous party crashing event. homeland security is looking into how the realities are one of these managed to find their way inside of a state dinner uninvited, getting up close with the president. mark sullivan testified on thursday yesterday where he expressed the department's regret. >> based on the high standards that the men and women here hold themselves, i regret that tuesday, november 24, established protocols and procedures were not followed. allowing two individuals entry to the white house.
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bill: three secret service members on administrative leave over the incident from 10 days ago. patti ann: fox news is tracking your taxes. this time we are looking at toll roads. as if driving was not taxing enough, now you are paying twice. william la jeunesse is tracking your taxes. he is on a toll road in orange county, california. >> highway 73, $5 for a 10 mile stretch. a very small stretch -- small slice of the driving public can afford that on a daily basis, had many more of us are doing so through the stimulus bill. the obama administration march $27 billion in stimulus for roads and bridges. >> 70% is going to toll roads.
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it is an outrage. >> research shows that only the wealthy use them as a regular -- not a regular basis. >> we are creating a system for the haves and have-nots. >> critics say that taxpayer stimulus money should only go to roads that are open to all. >> do not charge us to drive on them. >> fair or not is a hard question to answer. efficient, the answer is yes. >> they argue that it benefits all drivers. >> the rest of us may not be willing or able to spend the money, and we should be glad to get rid of those people. [laughter] >> now, another complaint is
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that there are other, more deserving roads that were passed over. these roads are in good shape around the country. these were shovel ready projects. no. 2, states can leverage federal money, but in toll roads and raising revenue for other things. patti ann: thank you, william. bill: it appears that congress is going to the green light the afghan surge from the other night. what are the families thinking? we are alive today in fort bragg with a much-needed holiday program.
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c bill: getting back to our top story this morning, 10% in november, that was the employment number in the last hour. the markets are moving in about 50 seconds. investors are feeling optimistic based on those numbers, we will continue to keep an eye on them. markets are waiting to see reactions on jobs numbers, at least in the morning session. getting more analysis from economists that expect 2010 to be a tough year on the job front. we will update you on all of that. the president is heading out to his main street tour, touching
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down in allentown, pennsylvania. once we get a statement we will bring it to you here. patti ann: seasonal jobs in washington county, maine, are the big news, selling most of the read this sold in the united states. -- most of the wreaths in the united states. unemployment has increased by almost 3% in the last year in that state. forests cover 90% of the state of maine, they are hoping to turn that dream into a different kind of green. >> we are at whitney wreath, the biggest mail-order christmas wreath company in the country. it smells incredible in here. here is where the production line is.
9:31 am
one of the things that they are so proud of this season is that they are managing, despite the tough economy, to sell these things. we have the manager here, where is this expansion coming from? these new jobs? >> thank you. here we grew up with qvc and it recently we have a new contract with ll bean. >> which means a lot for this community. >> it does. washington county is a very poor county, although it is famous. patti ann: people spending money in this community and hiring other small businesses? >> we like to bring the money ride into washington county. let's talk about the volume.
9:32 am
hundreds of thousands of these every year? >> we will ship at least 15 ups trailer loads every day. >> ll bean, but on your web site as well? >> that is right. wreaths, swags, garlands, all kinds of christmas greenery. >> this is your busy time? >> it is. >> but you are busy all year round? >> we work on a seasonal basis. we have a wild blueberry business. it takes 12 years to prepare for this season. >> many folks are looking for seasonal jobs. some people work seasonal jobs all year round. >> my view is that as long as we are able to fill the jobs, they
9:33 am
are very important. >> thank you for giving us the screwball comedies wreaths. >> thank-you. bill: want to know what you can do at home? click on the link on, you will find more on jobs, including the rollover map that we showed you. new opportunities being discovered for americans every day. so many challenges in today's tough job market. patti ann: the question that many americans seem to be asking this week -- tiger woods. he seemed to have it all. so, what leads a man in his stature to take a risk with his image like this?
9:34 am
doctor, thank you for being with us. we keep hearing that his wife is gorgeous, but time and again people cheat with people that are much less attractive than their spouse. not about looks, what is it about? >> they are looking for love, a human touch. they are looking to feel powerful and desirable. it is hard, a discussion that americans need have, it is hard to feel noticed. most people in a marriage feel tolerated after a certain number of years. even if you are beautiful, handsome, a famous golfer. but touch can feel like magic. patti ann: part of the thrill of sex is conquest. zookeeper's try to get animals to make, they would make in the
9:35 am
wild but they would not in captivity, and somehow it is the same with marriage. >> the bottom line, i have said before, it is harder to worship each other. we have not dealt with as a society post-contraception marriage and what it means. it is no longer the risk that it was that you would divide your fortune seven times if you took seven lovers. most people do not think that they need to invest in maintaining action in their marriage. the passion goes away for 95% of the couples in america if they do not safeguard themselves. >> everyone -- patti ann: everyone gets crushes, i read that the average happily married
9:36 am
person can develop at least five in their lifetime. can you enjoy that feeling of exhilaration and infatuation without acting on it and jeopardize in your marriage? >> i think that that is the key. saying to yourself look, i have these feelings, but do i have to act on them? do i want my wife to go through this pain that she is experiencing? whether or not these people stay married or not, this is a real struggle. i think that you can lose sight of that. helen of troy, right? such an incredibly moving thing. people go to war for it. it can shove other headlines right off of the front page. it is tremendously moving to people.
9:37 am
patti ann: infatuation is actually a chemical high, changing your brain chemistry, some people compare it to a drug addiction and say that people will do anything to hold onto it. is this why so many people in the throes of infatuation are so reckless? risking it all? >> it is intoxicating. tiger woods, when he sent that voice message, i think that he felt the the kind of bond that he was achieving with these women, that there was some code of silence in a meaningful connection. obviously these women were not going along. so, the bottom line is that it is intoxicating and it can lead you to do indiscrete things. interestingly, it seems like everyone when they are caught, they abandon their prior release
9:38 am
-- prior belief system, because they are confronting pain in the moment. if you can think about the pain in the future that you might cause your family, you might be able to back off. men and women, i see them both in my practice. lots of infidelity out there. patti ann: women are cheating at the same rate as men these days. a big problem, doctor, thank you for your insights. bill: man, all man. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. in a moment, thousands of american families are saying goodbye to loved ones deployed to afghanistan this month alone. in a moment we will look at what military families think of the afghanistan surge and how more than ever our american military families need your help. io
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patti ann: you are watching live as president obama is about to get on board, i believe, marine one. he is going to be headed to pennsylvania, speaking in allentown. christine roemer saying that today's unemployment report was the most hopeful sign yet that the stabilization of financial markets and the recovery of economic growth may lead to improvements in labor markets. we will see monthly unemployment and other numbers as wall plan subject to potential revision. it is important not to read too much into any one report, positive or negative. she says that it is clear that we are moving in the right direction.
9:43 am
bill: as we reflect on our brave men and women deploying from overseas, they are willing to make the greatest sacrifice. 30,000 troops heading to afghanistan in the next six months, their departure will ripple over hundreds of thousands bracing for a long goodbye. nicole's husband is an army specialist. she is down in fort bragg. good morning. you are at an absolutely outstanding event. what is this business like with your husband fighting the war ella >> this christmas is definitely a difficult one. having six kids and trying to manage. especially when he cannot always be here. every holiday is different. we never know when he will be here. we accept it and play the role
9:44 am
as best as we can. bill: you are doing a great job, by the way. a mother of six children? what kind of questions do they want to know from you. >> i did not understand your question? bill: what do your kids ask you about understanding this time? >> they do not really understand. they just as questions, we tried to keep lines of communication open as much as possible. we do the best that weekend. bill: what do you do for your kids this holiday? >> i did not hear you. bill: what would make this a great christmas? >> well, they are kids, so they ask for everything as soon as they walk into the door.
9:45 am
this year the big thing, my one daughter is really into selling, that is her big thing. anything that has pain and will make a mess. bill: i think you have met the right man. the man next to you wrote the program down there, it is called operation home front. tell me about your program. >> we provide emergency and morale assistance for our troops, the families that they leave behind, and our wounded warriors. we have about 30 countries -- we serve them all. through the generous donation of wal-mart, this is one of a four part series of events that we are having around the country.
9:46 am
this is a toy shop where parents can come for each of their children. this same event is happening around the country. we are also going to be providing $1,000 wal-mart gift cards to five families in each of 10 locations. so, those are great advance. we are also going to provide $225,000 worth of gift cards to our chapters around the country. finally, we cannot overlook it, wal-mart has created over 1000 gift boxes for the special care givers of our wounded warriors. bill: amazing. i want to get a sense of the reaction when people come and have the ability to take advantage of such a great program. in, they are not making only themselves happy, they are giving their children something.
9:47 am
>> this is really more about colorful toy is. what we are giving here cannot be measured in monetary ways. we are really giving that moment when we can book a military parent in the eye in give a toy to their child and they know that they will be able to make this holiday a little bit better for the kids. it is just a great feeling of gratitude and compassion for what we go through. bill: i do not think that people at home understand how big the need is this year. one year ago cash donations were down, an enormous drop off. >> absolutely. anyone that wants to help military families like this can always go to our website. they can see the specific needs of families, make donations and
9:48 am
volunteer. lots of ways that they can get involved. also, the wal-mart web site for the season, as well as the other clauses being helped by wal- mart. there is a lot of need, as i said. year over year we have seen in 86% increase in requests for things like basic food assistance. bill: great to hear it jim, great to hear that your program is there. nicole, what did you think? >> i am trying to hold back the tears. when he said that we were getting three toys apiece for each child and a book, we did not know that this is what it would be. it is really amazing. really is. bill: i bet. thank you, nicole. merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you.
9:49 am
bill: by the way, fort bragg, fort bliss, camp pendleton, all taking advantage of this program. great stuff. thank you to both of you. patti ann: a u.s. senator gets the call -- his daughter was hijacked from the streets of washington. we will give you the story of how she is doing and what helped police find the bad guys. bill: president obama and marine one, moving down the tarmac. we will see of land in about 30 minutes. the focus in america, jobs numbers came out this morning. we will try to figure out if we are stabilizing in the country, one day after the jobs summit in the white house period. . . ico opened its doors back in 1936
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and now we're insuring over 18 million drivers. gecko: quite impressive, yeah. boss: come a long way, that's for sure. and so have you since you started working here way back when. gecko: ah, i still have nightmares. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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bill: if you were with us yesterday, we were reporting on some fish in chicago. they only found one asian carp and their effort to rid the area of that fish. it might just be one fish, they say, but the illinois natural resources department says it is a good sign as they monitor the waters. the asian carp is an invasive species that would eat up everything into the river -- in the river. if it made its way into the great lakes, a $7 billion industry could have been destroyed. patti ann: crime in the nation's
9:54 am
capital had to close to home for one senator. the daughter of tennessee senator bob corker was hard get -- hijacked after trying to help a stranger. >> julia corker was a half block from home when police say she decided to pull over to make a phone call on her cell phone. as she did, two and knocked on her window asking for directions. >> as they rolled down the window, they grabbed her and took her out of the car. >> the men then jumped into the chevy tahoe and drove off. >> she was shaken, there was no hospital treatment, but she was taken -- shaken. >> the men had driven the car to this talk of bell restaurant but little did they know that they were being tracked by the on star system.
9:55 am
and julie and lives with her father. she is to the right of her mother. senator corp. released a statement which read, in part, she is a brave young woman and handled herself well. the police were incredible. they found the suspects quickly. julia and i went over late last night and she identified them. no weapons were used but they used a common tactic. >> they tried to engage you in conversation and you free yourself up, and as you engage, they already know what they are going to do. >> the two suspects are currently locked up in prince george's county. patti ann: thank you. bill: crazy story. one of the most wanted men in iraq accused of ordering the
9:56 am
mutilation of the american contract workers, a string of the burned bodies on a nearby bridge. now that we need the seals who brought him in are being court- martialed, unless one congressman gets his way.
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to improve my lung function and begins to treat my symptoms. that makes symbicort a good choice for me. you have choices. ask your doctor if symbicort is right for you. (announcer) if you cannot afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. patti ann: big news on the jobs market. new numbers for the month of november. the labor department reporting a drop in claims. unemployment now at 10%, down slightly, but that might not be because people are going back to work. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: we saw megyn kelly last night. she looked great. good morning, everyone. the jobs picture is less bad in november.
10:00 am
still, not much consolation for the 15 million americans currently out of a job. we are taking a look at the white house, where president obama will be taking off for allentown penciled -- allentown, pennsylvania today republican john boehner is also set to talk about the new numbers. patti ann: what is the president's message about the job today? >> the president of focus on jobs and spending stimulus. he will be landing in allentown, pennsylvania as he speaks on his first stop of his main street tour. the white house says talking to americans about their experiences during this time chale
10:01 am
topic. the president said he wants ideas that get the biggest bang for the buck. given the size he admits the government does not have the resources to do everything. here is some of what he had to say. >> i want to be clear. while i believed -- believe government has a role in creating the conditions for economic growth, a true economic recovery will only come from the private sector. >> and the president told "usa today" that he did not think it was necessary to have another stimulus. something else they talked about was helping homeowners retrofit their homes energy-efficient improvements. patti ann: what do we expect to
10:02 am
hear from don maynard? >> -- john painter -- john boehner? >> of course, yesterday, republicans held their own jobs summit. they were slamming the president for things like deficit spending, that the obama policy hurt small business. here is a sample. >> the biggest problem we heard from our economists with regard to why employers are not hiring, it is all the job-killing policies that are being offered by this congress. >> he says the administration is creating uncertainty for citizens. they do not know if taxes are going to go up.
10:03 am
that uncertainty is keeping the economy from growing. bill: in the meantime, and john mccain slamming the aarp on the floor of the senate, urging people to quit the organization. he calls it will -- support for a democratic proposal that would reduce benefits. >> shame on aarp. i say to my friends, especially those on medicare advantage, take your aarp card, cut it in half, and send it back. bill: the senate voted on the measure 58-42 rejecting the appeal. democrats say seniors will not lose any guarantee benefits
10:04 am
under the reform plans. patti ann: 3 formal investigations into the climate change data debacle. britain says it will investigate whether or not it's climate unit fudge statistics on global warming and kept opposing views off the table. the director of the organization stepped down this week and down the organization says it will examine e-mails and other information to see if there was any manipulation. meanwhile, the united nations climate change panel is also planning to investigate. bill: penn state university also looking into those claims. this is michael mann, a neurology professor at penn state, and his data has been the targets -- meteorology professor
10:05 am
at penn state, and dhis data has been in the targets. patti ann: snowfall in texas today. it would be the earliest time in record history. it is hard to tell from the pictures but we have been watching this for awhile. it looks like something is coming down. snow is very rare in houston. according to the national weather service, they could get up to 1 inch today. bill: meanwhile, from europe, an american student could find out today if she spends the rest of her life in prison. the jury an enemy is the son and whether or not amanda knox and her boyfriend murdered -- and that knock-- the jury is decidig
10:06 am
whether or not amanda knox and her boyfriend killed meredith kercher. greg burke, what is going on? >> prosecutors say that the evidence amounts to nothing. the defense did come on strong in the later days, and that is something the jury will have to deal with. the jury has to get beyond a reasonable doubt. certainly, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that does not look good for amanda or her ex-boyfriends, but as far as what was inside the room -- according to her lawyers, there is nothing on her, and only a bit on her boyfriend.
10:07 am
bill: thank you. amanda knox made an appeal of her own before jurors. patti ann: they nabbed one of the most wanted men in iraq, and no one group of america's most elite servicemen are being court-martialed. why three navy seals are being questioned, and one congressman is angry about it. bill: what about the economy? investors are running after it today. already up 113 point at the dow jones. we will reflect and analyze the jobs number and tell you what it means for you at home.
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10:10 am
bill: we know the holidays again on the nerves of some folks, but come on.
10:11 am
random acts of violence. the victim was a 70-year-old store greeter at wal-mart. the victim falls to the ground after he is hit in the face. he suffered broken facial bones. it is a pretty hard blow that sends him to the ground. the victims neighbors say he only started working at the store a few days ago. >> he needs this job. for somebody to do that to him, it is unbelievable. >> police have been arrested 55-year-old paul washington. he denies the attack police say the tape speaks for itself. patti ann: they captured one of the most wanted men in iraq, wanted for ordering the mutilation and murder of four black water security guards.
10:12 am
now three navy seals who brought him in are being court- martialed, accused of roughing up the suspect. some in congress are outraged. with me now is one congressman. who could forget these four men in iraq who were mutilated by of cut and members, honung under te bridge as people were cheering. what do you think? >> this is a tragedy and his characterization of justice. how in the world could three navy seals be court-martialed for hitting him in the mouth? they say they did not do it. i said i would have done worse if we cut this guy. in world war i and ii if we had
10:13 am
that with the japanese or germans, and would have been a critical mistake for us to try americans who did that. patti ann: the man behind the attack -- these three navy seals captured him and they did not euna lee him, but they may have given him a fat lip. there was an accusation that they punched him in the stomach. they are now being court- martialed. they were offered non-judicial punishment but they turned that down because it would have meant that they admitted wrongdoing. do you think their names will be cleared in a court martial? >> i sure hope so. the military puts their lives on the line every day. they catch this enemy and they
10:14 am
supposedly hit them in the mouth, and now they are being court-martialed? this is incredible. we are standing justice on its head. right now we are bringing terrorists to new york to try them, and here we are with three navy seals trying to protect america, and now we're trying to court martial them. i said to someone at the committee hearing, how can you do this? he said we cannot interfere with the criminal justice system. my answer to him was, this should not even be in the court of law. patti ann: we should point out, they are not just charged with hitting him but also making false statements and one of them by impeding the investigation. does this apparent cover-up make it more serious? should they have said yes, we
10:15 am
hit him? >> i do not know if they did or not. they turned him over to the iraqi forces, and they may have done it. in any event, this is a terrible message to be spent -- sending to our military men and women. they are going to give miranda rights to terrorist recapture in afghanistan and pakistan? what is going on? this is a war in terror -- against terrorism, and in more, you have to do anything to beat the enemy. let me add one more thing. in the al qaeda manual, it says if you are captured, complain of torture or abuse because that gets on american television and causes concern. patti ann: on the other side, we cannot let any minor infraction
10:16 am
slide. no matter what the person did, we are depicted as bad as them. what is your reaction to that argument? >> this is war. in world war ii can you imagine people being court-martialed for this activity? obviously, if they did this, there should be questioned about whether or not they should have, but the court martial makes no sense. al qaeda says if your are captured, complain about terror or torture or mistreatment. that is what they all do. the american people are supposed to buy this sort of thing? they should be vindicated and we need to send a message to the military that we support them. patti ann: you wrote a letter to secretary gates asking to stop the prosecution.
10:17 am
how is that going? >> we just started that in the last week. but i did talk to the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff when he was before our committee and i said this was unconscionable. and it is. there should not even be the consideration of a court martial. if there was something of a reprimand -- which i do not think there is -- that is another thing. but to court martial three navy seals who are protecting the nation after they captured the terrorist? it sends a terrible signal to the military and people of this country. patti ann: thank you for joining us. bill: when a 45-year-old man showed up at a shopping mall in an elf suit, something may have
10:18 am
been off. you think? then he sat on said the cause 
10:19 am
10:20 am
10:21 am
patti ann: in new york police are on the hunt for a group come up on surveillance tape from a julie heist. the four suspects holding workers at gunpoint in broad daylight as a theme of the place and watch as the only customer in the store tried to get away but one of them chases after him, slammed him into the counter and then throws into the ground. police say the robber took off with cash and several trades own jewelry. thankfully, no one was seriously hurt. bill: i know what i am doing
10:22 am
saturday afternoon, college football. the passion in the tradition -- the rivalries. this weekend kicks off the sec championship, and college football could just be immune to the economic downturn. things are moving down there. what is happening? >> something as simple as a foam finger -- this represents money for these universities. the fans spend a lot of money. the top five selling college sports teams are sec teams, so the schools bring in a lot of revenue. it is not just those top teams that are doing the best, but every team in the conference benefit when ever any one of the team's does well.
10:23 am
alabama and florida are some of the top teams in the nation right now. bill: they bring a lot of money into the school. some may criticize that we are spending too much on the football team, not much on academics. how do they react to that? >> we spoke to and athletics director from the university of georgia about that and a lebanon these sec schools are state schools and have had to make cupts, and although they have had to make cutbacks, the money is still coming in to offset that. >> we need to be sensitive to economic times and we also need to understand what institutions are going through. it is never an easy decision when you are raising salaries to the level where they are now,
10:24 am
especially in times like these. >> the average price for tomorrow's game is $600. these fans have the money and they're willing to spend it. bill: that is getting close to superable territory. by the way, a kickoff at 4:00. noontime, you also have cincinnati and pittsburgh. i know you have your dvr recorded. patti ann: looking forward to that. president obama is on his way to allentown, pennsylvania to start his main street or on job creation. this as job -- republicans hold a similar summit in washington, d.c.
10:25 am
10:26 am
10:27 am
10:28 am
bill: this is a fox news alert. there is a fierce military offensive underway targeting the taliban in afghanistan. more than 1000 marines and nato forces working side by side wanting this massive assault in the southern border in the area. they have already engaged in a number of significant battles taking out taliban communications and supply lines.
10:29 am
that is helmand province, west of kandahar. so far, no announcement of any major casualties. patti ann: this is a fox news alert. john boehner is wrapping up a news conference in new unemployment rate was the topic as well as the obama administration's handling of the economy. let's listen to what he said. >> after yet another month of job losses, it is clear one question the president is likely to get on the listening to or from the american people are, where are the jobs? any decrease in the unemployment rate is in her region, but a jobless recovery with double digit unemployment is not what the american people were promised. more than 3 million have lost
10:30 am
their jobs since the president signed the stimulus bill, and that bill was opposed to keep unemployment below 8% and put people back to work immediately. anyone who sees today's report as a cause for celebration really is out of touch with the american people, especially when this congress and administration continues to pursue their job- killing agenda. their government takeover of health care, energy tax, card track bill, will kill even more daunting in america and pile on more debt on the backs of our kids and grandkids. i am confident our economy will ultimately recover, but it will do so because of the work and on german rulership of the american people, not a lot of wasteful spending. the president, vice-president, and most of the cabinet have never run a business.
10:31 am
as a foreign businessman myself, i know what it takes to hire people and keep a strong balance sheet. republicans have offered democrats common-sense solutions to help small businesses create jobs and we hope the administration and congress will start listening to our ideas and work with us in a bipartisan way to get our economy moving again and put the people back to work. if you look at the stimulus bill, and construction employment -- i looked at the numbers yesterday. the line has continued to rundown word, and then erupted -- uninterrupted ever since. you could argue that things could have been worse, but the money that is in there for infrastructure -- the other $840 billion in this bill has nothing to do with putting people back
10:32 am
to work. bill: so what do we do, america? who has the right ideas? with 10% unemployment in america, what do we do? doug scheon is here as well as monica crowley. good morning. did you quibble with anything that he just said, doug? >> i do with the notion that democrats have not taken the first step toward trying to get their hands around job creation. the summit yesterday and all business leaders of all parties. the president said that he is open to all ideas, including tax incentives, expanding credit. so i think democrats have taken the first step, candidly, i need to be in democratic offensive on job and -- creation. bill: why has that not happened
10:33 am
yet? >> because they are focused on health care which is a mistake. bill: what about that, monica? if he changes his focus, where do we go? who has the right idea? >> americans are frustrated that the american president and congress have been in the weeds in health care and cap and trade. both are in job-killing high- tech propositions that would stun any kind of job-creating recovery. i think if the president and democrats were serious about job creation, they would have held this summit on day two of the obama administration. bill: doug scheon already said that that might be because of health care. >> i think that was a mistake on the part of the democrats. what republicans are saying is there is only one time tested
10:34 am
way to create jobs, particularly in a recession. restrain government spending -- which is the opposite of what democrats are doing -- and luring the corporate tax rate as much as the payroll tax. bill: based on what we have heard, you probably will not get any action on number one, what about number two? some say we are spending too much money. does he put a hold on spending and do what monica suggests -- when he arrives in allentown, pennsylvania, says that small businesses could use a break? >> the president could use the entitlement reform commission to work on the deficit, social security, medicare, medicaid, and the like.
10:35 am
but there is a better idea here, bipartisanship. the president needs to get the republican and democratic leadership together in the white house to talk about bipartisan ideas to to fix the health care system, have job creation, hold the line on spending, and create jobs. bill: he had a chance to do that mr. day, did he? >> -- yesterday, didn't he? >> i believe republicans and democrats can do this. bill: as he started this, monica? >> the chamber of commerce was not invited, the national organization of independent businesses was not invited. if they are serious about job creation, they need to understand on business generates 70% of job creation. if they are serious about it,
10:36 am
the need to light of the tax burden. also a temporary suspension of the table tax would be a welcome development. i find it surprising that after all this spending they have all of a sudden found religion on reining in the national debt. bill: let me get to two more points. doug, is part of what is happening today in allentown saving or creating jobs? >> i think the white house has found out that if we do not create jobs for the american people, there will be somewhere between 30 democratic congressman and six senators who will be looking for employment next year. but the people's business has to be done. monica mentioned some ideas that we need to take up, including a temporary payroll tax
10:37 am
suspension. bill: this is what the white house is saying about the jobs number. unemployment dropped to 10%, but it is probably higher than that. they will say that today is the most hopeful sign yet. >> and it is certainly a very welcome news. of course we want everyone who wants a job to have one. my theory is that this will not continue. there is a lot of seasonal hiring going on and a lot of people have just given up. i hope the trend continues, but i think we will see those numbers take back up. bill: we will see how it will be. thank you. have a good weekend. log onto to see where companies are hiring.
10:38 am
there is also an interactive map that will show you where our reporters are fanning across the country looking for your job opportunities. patti ann: he is 45 years old but still wanted to sit on santa's lap, so a local man dressed up like an elf, but when he got to santa, what he said cleared out a shopping mall. bill: and take a look at this, houston, texas. this is the earliest it has ever happened. texas kids are feeling a bit of glory today. want to know how fast it took my stiff joints to feel better?
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bill: apparently a 45-year-old
10:42 am
william caldwell wanted to share his christmas wish list with st. nick, so he dressed up like an elf, and when he got to the front of the line, he told crest criminal that he had dynamite. >> it is possible they could happen that way, yes. bill: that was the wrong audio. the shopping mall was inoculated and a bomb squad was called to the scene. he has already been banned from the shopping mall for 50 years. that should put a lid on this until then. patti ann: on to more serious developments. the controversial development in and beyond it stems cell research. the obama administration
10:43 am
approving 39 of embryonic stem cell research. these are the first to prove to president obama lifted eight years of bush administration restrictions. scientists must get these cells from living, human embryos, and because some have to be destroyed, pro-life supporters believe this is unethical. we should be clear, federal law still forbids the use of federal money to destroy embryos in order to make stem cells. that has not changed, but for the restrictions put in place by the bush administration have been lifted by president obama. explain what has changed. >> if there are embryos left over at infertility clinics, couples try to have children, they made other embryos can you not want them, they can use
10:44 am
those embryos which are to be destroyed or simply left frozen, as a source of embryonic stem cell. the other change is the obama administration said if you are going to use stem cells, then you have to have gotten them from people who pay income people who did not participate as part of research. in need to be part of a fertility clinic with their consent. patti ann: what promising developments might result from this federally funded research? >> scientists continue to explore a lot of interesting research, maryland and xm cells is one. sometimes you can transform an adult cells into embryonic-like cells. the people who have perished -- caroline -- paralyzing disease
10:45 am
is, these are some diseases that we might be able to treat. there are still people who protest on beyond the stem cell research but the plight of people who say, i am in a wheelchair, my child has this terrible disease, can be at least explore a bit? it seems to be winning the ethical argument and our society. patti ann: but the critics have not gone away, especially the catholic church saying that this is taxpayer dollars paying for the destruction of cuban life. catholics say that they do not need the embryonic stem cells. others stem cells not taken from embryos can be manipulated and eventually, some could be made to work just as well if we focused our research in that area instead. what about that argument?
10:46 am
>> that is an argument that it is not something that the scientific community really buys. maybe it does not work. maybe you can get the belt stem cells and manipulate them to do all sorts of things to get them to act differently, meaning they can turn into many things. the scientific community says we still need to explore all the options. that seems to be what the disease ask -- advocates are saying. another thing, many other countries around the world are beginning this research. americans are saying we cannot fall behind. if the research is going to proceed -- let me put it this way. if the chinese came up with a cure for diabetes by the embryonic stem cells, would be prohibited them from coming into the country? patti ann: president bush never
10:47 am
prohibited embryonic stem cell research, just using taxpayer dollars to fund the research. if private donations want to fund the research, it can. he just said that because there was controversy we would not have tax dollars paying for that. >> i will make the point in a different way then. if we got a cure from embryo to stem cells from something in another country, we would see public money used to pay for it. if that is true, and i am right that people would not prohibit federal money, national health insurance money, i think it weakens the case for us not doing it and leaving it to other countries to do it. there is a kind of recognition that it is going on worldwide, by having us stay out of the game and not spending any nih or federal money, it just looks like we are falling behind in
10:48 am
research. patti ann: thank you. bill: there are some folks asking now is the climateto date controversy -- clementgate -- climategate controversy should lead to al gore losing his best documentary feature award. patti ann: after years of bombings and killings, a sign of security and community. bingo in baghdad. as the city stabilizes, a ritual returns. chest came back- i knew i had to see my doctor. he told me i had choices in controller medicines. we chose symbicort. symbicort starts to improve my lung function within 15 minutes.
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patti ann: if you are looking for a little python action, florida is still the place. they say they will turn their hunting program into a year- long thing. they tested the program this summer and fall. animal control experts are hustling to keep the exploding python population in florida from spreading further north. patti ann: that would be a good thing. the parking lot is packed, the music is blasting, and a sunni, shiite, and questions all gathering together for bingo. what is up within the -- with bingo? >> you are not going to believe this but we learned -- but we
10:53 am
that a group of former terrorist who have performed and were planned. we were at a club where everybody takes their family and they played bingo. he was too scared to go on film, but he took me up the road to a gentleman's club. there were members of the iraqi army in there who were friends with some of these men. they were able to get them and converted them as bingo in dubious. bill: they fell in love with this game? what did they say? >> 9 that has its own rules. people drink, gamble, and they have pretty much every vice going.
10:54 am
horse racing is big here, and bingo is just another form. people can win up to $300 a night, and that can be quite a lot of money for some of these people. if anything, not only is this a social event, it is in good money earner as well. bill: thank you. cool story. patti ann: piracy on the high seas is big business these days. millions in ransom payments making it profitable for the loss in somalia. now you, too, can cash in. bill: speaking of, your 401k is probably not doing too bad today. the dow jones up 111 points. .
10:55 am
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patti ann: those somali pirates terrorizing the shipping lanes of the eastern african coast are getting crafty. they have set up what they call an stock exchange to fund their illegal activities. they had made tens of millions of dollars from ransom, and now, they have made dozens of what they call maritime companies. the pirates also is investing in those maritime companies is open to all. remarkable on how good that business has been. bull buccaneers demonstrating their plank walking skills during the fifth annual national walk the plank championships. where else? key west, florida. pirates in paradise festival. pine ridge reactors from around the country competing in quirky sporting challenges like the guy. they're judged on pleas for
10:59 am
mercy and overall style and splash, of which you just saw one. i would like to see the pleas for mercy. have a great weekend. we will see you later today at 5:00, and we are back on monday, everybody, so have a great one. "happening now" starts now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute jane: morning, everybody. we are waiting at this moment for a verdict in the trial of command at knox, the 23-year-old american exchange student charged with the murder of her roommate. her parents will be with us as they await a decision. jon: two women, two little girls found murdered at two separate currencies. police are looking for one man they think might be responsible. what is his relationship to these victims? police say he is armed and dangerous. in whole


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